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Context: Recently, the Prime Minister of India granted certificates to over 30,000 women from Self Help Groups (SHGs) as ‘Krishi Sakhis’ under the Krishi Sakhi Convergence Programme (KSCP).

Krishi Sakhi Convergence Programme (KSCP)

  • About: It is part of the 'Lakhpati Didi' initiative aimed at creating 3 crore financially empowered women, including Krishi Sakhis. 
  • Focus: Transforming rural India by empowering women as Krishi Sakhis, who are trained and certified as para-extension workers. This program aligns with the broader goals of the "Lakhpati Didi" program.
  • Krishi Sakhis are chosen for their role as agriculture para-extension workers due to their status as trusted community resources and experienced farmers. Their deep connection within farming communities ensures they are respected and their advice is valued, making them effective in disseminating agricultural knowledge.
  • Training is being provided:  Krishi Sakhis undergo comprehensive training across various modules to enhance their capabilities as para-extension workers:

oAgro Ecological Practices: Covering activities from land preparation to harvest.

oOrganising Farmer Field Schools: Teaching methods to organize and manage farmer education programs.

oSeed Banks Establishment and Management: Skills in setting up and maintaining seed banks.

oSoil Health and Conservation: Techniques for maintaining soil health and conserving moisture.

oIntegrated Farming Systems: Understanding and promoting integrated approaches to farming.

oBasics of Livestock Management: Fundamentals of managing livestock alongside crop farming.

oBio Inputs Preparation and Use: Training on preparing organic inputs and managing bio input shops.

oBasic Communication Skills: Developing essential communication skills for effective interaction with farmers.

  • Current Status: Currently, Krishi Sakhis are undergoing refresher training with a special emphasis on Natural Farming and Soil Health Cards. This training is conducted through DAY-NRLM agencies in collaboration with MANAGE, aiming to deepen their expertise and ensure they are equipped with the latest agricultural practices and knowledge.