INS RANVIR (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Sci and Tech)

News-CRUX-10     2nd July 2024        

Context: Recently, INS Ranvir of the Eastern Fleet arrived in Chattogram, Bangladesh for an Operational Deployment under the Eastern Naval Command.

INS Ranvir

  • About: It is a Rajput Class Guided Missile Destroyer equipped with advanced indigenous weapons and sensors following recent upgrades.
  • Commissioning and History: Commissioned on 28 October 1986, INS Ranvir is the fourth destroyer of the five Rajput-class vessels built for the Indian Navy.
  • Professional Engagements: During its current visit, INS Ranvir facilitates professional interactions such as Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE), cross-deck visits, community outreach, and friendly sports fixtures with the Bangladesh Navy.
  • Maritime Exercises: Following the harbour phase, INS Ranvir will participate in a Maritime Partnership Exercise (MPX)/ PASSEX, enhancing operational coordination with Bangladesh Navy ships.
  • Significance of the Visit:

oIt reinforces longstanding friendship and cooperation between India and Bangladesh, emphasizing robust interoperability through various engagements.

oThe visit supports India's SAGAR initiative, focusing on Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR), promoting regional security, economic growth, and cultural ties.

SAGAR Initiative

  • About: Introduced in 2015, SAGAR (Security and Growth for All in the Region) aims to foster cooperation and mutual trust among Indian Ocean region countries, particularly enhancing ties with neighboring nations.
  • Components: SAGAR encompasses ensuring maritime security, promoting sustainable development and economic growth, and strengthening cultural and people-to-people connections between nations.