BULAVA MISSILE (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Sci and Tech)

News-CRUX-10     17th May 2024        
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Context: Russian President has bolstered the country's military capabilities by ordering the addition of a new nuclear-capable missile known as the Bulava into the Russian military arsenal.

Bulava Missile

  • About: The RSM-56 Bulava, known as SS-N-32 in NATO reporting, is a Russian submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).
  • Development: Designed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology, its development began in the late 1990s, primarily for deployment on Russia’s Borei-class submarines.
  • Role in Strategic Nuclear Force: Bulava constitutes a fundamental element of Russia's future strategic nuclear force, ensuring its potency and relevance.
  • Features:

o Propulsion: It operates on a three-stage solid-propellant system, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

o Dimensions: With a launch mass of approximately 8 tonnes, it spans 12.1 meters in length within its launch container and has a diameter of 2 meters.

o Range and Payload: Bulava boasts a maximum range of 8,300 km (5,160 miles) and a payload capacity of up to 10 multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicles (MIRVs).

o Maneuverability and Accuracy: Its re-entry vehicles (RVs) possess in-flight maneuverability, enabling them to evade enemy defenses, with an expected accuracy of 250 to 300 meters.

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