ARTIFICIAL WOMB (Syllabus: GS Paper 3 – Sci and Tech)

News-CRUX-10     22nd May 2024        
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Context: Artificial wombs, a groundbreaking innovation, offer promising prospects for infertile women, potentially revolutionizing reproductive technology.

Artificial Womb

  • About: It is a device designed to simulate the environment of the uterus and support the growth and development of embryos or fetuses outside the body of a biological mother.
  • known as: Ectogenesis chamber or artificial uterus.
  • Structure and Function: Typically, these devices involve a clear "biobag" filled with fluid where the infant is suspended, mimicking the conditions of a uterus.
  • Extended Development Period: The purpose of an artificial womb is to extend the gestational period for premature babies, allowing them to further develop outside the mother's body.
  • Reduced Complications: By spending additional time in an artificial womb, premature infants can potentially reduce the risk of complications associated with premature birth.

oIn these devices, babies do not breathe air but have their lungs filled with lab-made amniotic fluid, replicating the conditions of the womb.

  • Focus: A significant focus of artificial womb technology is to support and enhance lung development, which is often a critical factor in the survival of premature infants.
  • Treatment: The ultimate goal is for infants to transition from the artificial womb to conventional care with improved chances of survival and fewer complications.
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