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3S solutions (simple, scalable and sustainable):
  • Meaning: It refers to solutions or strategies that are characterized by three key attributes: simplicity, scalability, and sustainability. These attributes are often considered desirable in various fields, including business, administration, environmental conservation, global actions. 
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - Economic and labour reforms, civil services reforms, e-governance, use of technology in finding solutions, gov. schemes and policies, environmental measure and climate justice etc.
From Concept to Action and from Ideation to Execution: 
  • Meaning: This keyword describes the process of moving from the initial idea or concept stage to taking concrete actions and implementing those ideas. These transitions are essential in various contexts, including business, scientific developments, innovation, and personal growth etc.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Gov. schemes and policies and its implementation, Good governance, R&D, Innovation and IPR regime, climate change and climate justice etc.
From might is right culture to culture of equality and justice:
  • Meaning: It represents a shift toward a more ethical and equitable society. 
  • Might is right: Dominance of those with physical, economic, or political strength, often at the expense of those who are less powerful or marginalized.
  • Culture of equality and justice: The guiding principles are fairness, equity, and the protection of individual rights and dignity.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Social hierarchy and social justice, women subjugation to women empowerment, caste system and reservation, welfare society, inclusiveness and sustainable growth Etc.
From restrictive to constructive approach in climate actions: 
  • Meaning: This keyword recognise that simply imposing restrictions and penalties may not be sufficient to address the complex and global challenge of climate change. Instead, a constructive approach seeks to engage all stakeholders in finding sustainable solutions and creating incentives for positive environmental actions. 
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - Climate change and climate actions, global cooperation and measures taken like – carbon tax (restrictive measure), economic protectionism in name of environmental measures Etc.


Role of counselling and outreach programme to improve nutritional value:
  • Case: Bemetara district, Chhattisgarh.
  • Step taken: Potth Laika Abhiyaan or “Healthy Child Mission”.  
  • The parents of the targeted Severe Acute Malnutritioned (SAM) and Medium Acute Malnutritioned (MAM) children were counselled in simple local Chhattisgarhi language.
  • They were informed of the importance and the constituents of “Tiranga Bhojan” (a balanced diet), the need to wash hands regularly and many other tips in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Achievement: About 54% of targeted children were brought out of malnutrition by the Potth Laika Abhiyaan, in a span of 9 months.
Private sector and step taken by them for reducing carbon emission:
  • Step taken by: Tata steel and ABB India.
  • Step taken: the two companies will focus on technologies for reducing the carbon footprint of steel production, long-term options for energy efficiency, and circularity.


Key facts related to pollution and health impacts:
  • South Asia, home to two billion people, is also home to nine of the world’s 10 most polluted cities, including Delhi.
  • Lancet Report: More than 1.5 million pollution-related deaths were attributed to air pollution in India in 2019, accounting for a around 18% of the total deaths in the country.
  • As per World Health Organization (WHO): Lung cancer claimed 10 million deaths worldwide in 2020, and could soar by another 3 million.
Iron & steel sector and its CO2 emission:
  • The iron and steel industry globally accounts for around 8-9% of total CO2 emissions on an annual basis, whereas in India, it contributes 12% to the total CO2 emissions. 


Prime Minister’s Speech:
  • On global challenges/terrorism: Terrorism, extremism, and geopolitical conflicts are big challenges for all of us. Multilateralism and rules-based international order are essential in countering them. 
  • On war and conflicts: Today's era is not of war. Dialogue and diplomacy is the only path to resolution. 


RBI recommendation on fintech firms:
  • The fintech players to set up a self-regulatory organization within a year.
  • They need to evolve industry best practices, privacy and data protection norms in sync with the laws of the land, set standards to avoid mis-selling, promote ethical business practices, transparency of pricing, etc.
  • RBI said that Customer centricity, governance and self-regulation are three critical issues for the fintech sector. 


  • Definition: According to WHO, malnutrition refers to deficiencies or excesses in nutrient intake, imbalance of essential nutrients or impaired nutrient utilization. 
  • The double burden of malnutrition consists of both undernutrition and overweight and obesity, as well as diet-related noncommunicable diseases.
Climate resilience:
  • Definition: Climate resilience is the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and respond to hazardous events, trends, or disturbances related to climate. 
  • Improving climate resilience involves assessing how climate change will create new, or alter current, climate-related risks, and taking steps to better cope with these risks.


Quote on Women: Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn’t be that women are the exception”. –  RUTH BADER GINSBURG
  • Meaning: The quote signifies that women should have equal representation and participation in all spheres of society, including politics, business, academia, and other areas where important decisions are made. Gender should not be a barrier or exception when it comes to leadership and decision-making roles.
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