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India as a bridge that connects the world:
  • Meaning: It signifies India's geographical location, historical ties, cultural diversity, diplomatic prowess, economic significance, regional initiatives, and connectivity projects all contribute to its position as a bridge that connects different parts of the world, fostering cooperation, trade, and cultural exchange among nations.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - Globalization and its relevance at present, multipolarity, Reforming multi-national institutions like UNSC, South-south cooperation, Developing vs developed nation etc.
Digital-ready and future-ready skill: 
  • Meaning: This keyword signifies that to remain competitive in the digital age and prepare for the future of work, individuals and organizations should invest in developing and cultivating these digital-ready and future-ready skills. 
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Education and skill and increasing Digitalization, NEP 2020, Critical and evolving technologies and job structure, employment & unemployment, Youth and demographic dividend etc.
3-H formula for the balanced development: Heart, Head and Hand:
  • Meaning: The "3-H formula - Heart, Head, and Hand" for balanced development, is a concept that underscores the importance of holistic growth and well-rounded development in individuals and societies. 
  • Heart: Related to sensitivity, human values, strength of character and morality. 
  • Head or brain: Related to mental development, reasoning power and reading and 
  • Hand: Related to respect for manual skills and physical labour. 
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Youth, Human resources, Education and skill, Make in India, India as a developed economy by 2047, Good governance and ethics, Individual and inclusive growth etc.
Taking reformist leap: 
  • Meaning: This refers to the act of making significant and often bold changes or reforms in a particular area, such as politics, economics, society, or any system that may require improvement or modernization. 
  • This leap implies a decisive and substantial departure from existing norms, practices, or policies in pursuit of positive change or progress.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - Education and Skill (NIP), Economic reforms, Make in India, Good governance, Civil services reforms, Transforming education and achieving India as a developed economy by 2047 etc.


Jan Andolan for water conservation and increasing ground water levels:
  • Case: Jhansi, UP.
  • Step taken: The public participation for water conservation and river conservation has resulted into increasing the groundwater levels in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh.
Increasing diplomatic prowess of developing countries (especially India):
  • Step taken: Traditionally, Western powers have been the major donors of health aid while non-western nations have been the recipients. Ex: USA and S. Union during cold war. 
  • However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, for the first time in history, three non-Western powers — Russia, China and India — dominated international vaccine diplomacy. 
  • These countries, which had long been recipients of health aid, finally made their debut on the world stage as vaccine inventors. 
  • India’s contribution ‘Vacciner Maitri’ (Vaccine Friendship): ‘Neighbourhood first’ policy, and a preference for a range of Caribbean and African states is well known.


India’s increased financial ecosystem:
  • Increased fintechs: Fintech have 36% share of new-to-credit customers vs 22% share in banks. In Payments, Fintech have 93% share of UPI transaction value vs 7% share in banks.
  • Formalization of economy (ITR data): Each Tax bracket (Tax Slab) has seen a minimum 3-to-4-fold increase in tax filings surge.
  • As per a SBI Research: Workforce share in population will increase from 38% in FY 2023 to 45% in FY 2047.  And, taxable Workforce /Workforce eligible to pay taxes to rise to 85%, from the current 22%.
Key facts related to different global economic factors:
  • Global Findex Database (2021) of the World Bank: Almost 24% of adults globally do not have access to formal financial accounts, only 29% of adults placed their savings in a financial institution, and only 28% of adults borrowed from a formal financial institution globally.
  • World Trade Organization (WTO): Globally MSMEs contribute around 35% of GDP in developing economies and 50% in developed nations.
  • World Bank’s Findex, 2021: Compared to 59% of men, only 50% of women in developing nations claimed they could consistently come up with emergency cash.
  • Globally, insurance penetration is also very low at 7% of GDP.


Vice President’s Speech:
  • On Failure: Never have the fear of failure. Fear of failure is the worst kind of a disease.
  • On personal growth: Behave like a river, don't be a canal. A canal is cemented, but a river meander and serves the society at large.


Supreme Court (SC) on Adultery (Section 497 IPC):
  • In Joseph Shine v. Union of India (2018): SC gave its landmark judgment in this case on adultery. 
  • SC declared Section 497 of the IPC unconstitutional, thereby decriminalizing adultery in India and emphasizing the importance of gender equality and individual dignity within marital relationships.


Preventive Detention:  
  • Definition: Preventive detention under Article 22 of the Constitution refers to the lawful detention of an individual by the government or authorities without a formal trial or charge, with the primary objective of safeguarding national security, maintain public order, and prevent potential threats before they materialize. 
  • It is Its purpose is not to punish a person for a past offence but to prevent him from committing an offence in the near future. Thus, preventive detention is only a precautionary measure and based on suspicion.
  • Definition: Round tripping is a financial and business practice where funds or assets are moved through a series of transactions, often through complex routes, with the primary purpose of evading taxes and to launder money by creating the appearance of legitimate business activities.


Quote on Positive Values: A good world cannot be built on pride or selfishness, hatred or injustice, greed or lust for power”. –  S. Radhakrishnan
  • Meaning: The quote emphasizes the importance of positive values and ethical principles in the pursuit of a better world. It suggests that a truly good and just world cannot be constructed on a foundation of negative qualities such as pride, selfishness, hatred, injustice, greed, or a lust for power.