Paralysis of governance:
  • Meaning: The keyword refers to a situation in which a government or governing body is unable to effectively make decisions, implement policies, or take action due to a variety of internal or external factors. It signifies a state of dysfunction or inaction within the government apparatus, which can have significant consequences for a country or organization.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to: Good governance, e-governance, Parliamentary system and challenges, corruption, lack of transparency and accountability, bureaucratic inefficiency, Reduced parliamentary efficiency etc.
Net security provider in the region: 
  • Meaning: This keyword refers to a country or entity that plays a key role in ensuring security and stability within a specific geographic region or area, particularly in the context of international relations and defense.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – IR – India and its neighbors, Indo-Pacific region, Global South and South-south cooperation, etc.
'5Fs' Formula: Farm to fibre; fibre to factory; factory to fashion; fashion to foreign:
  • Meaning: This is a term which represents a simplified way of describing the supply chain or value chain in the textile and fashion industry, from the initial stages of farming and raw material production to the final stages of fashion manufacturing and export to foreign markets.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Textile sector and India’s role, Sunrise industry and Technical textile, Manufacturing and Make in India, MSMEs, etc.
From 4Us (unstable, unbalanced, uncoordinated, and unsustainable) to 4Rs (Resilient, robust, responsive, and resourceful): 
  • Meaning: This signifies and represents a shift in focus and goals, often in the context of improving systems, organizations, or processes.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - Government policies and schemes Economic reforms, India as a developed and $5trillion economy, business, governance, or corporate governance, environmental management, etc.


Step towards decarbonization and achieving net zero target:
  • The NTPC Limited and Oil India Limited have signed a MoU recently to explore collaboration in the areas of renewable energy, green hydrogen and its derivatives, and decarbonization initiatives including through use of geothermal energy. 
  • The MoU shall also facilitate sharing of knowledge and experience on upcoming decarbonisation technologies such as carbon sequestration.
  • Through the MoU, they intend to enhance their footprint in the domain of renewable energy and foray into sustainable solutions towards achieving the nation’s target of achieving Net Zero by the year 2070.


India’s Net Zero target and Nuclear Energy:
  • India has targeted for achieving ‘net zero’ by 2070.
  • Nuclear power capacity accounts for 5th of the country’s total generation capacity but supplies just 3% of electricity flowing in the grid as India is still heavily dependent on coal-fires power.
Key fact on working progress or lack of proper implementation of National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG):
  • NMCG aims to ensure effective abatement of pollution and rejuvenation of the river Ganga and maintain minimum ecological flows.
  • However, in the 7 years since the government unveiled its ambitious ₹20,000 crore National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG), it has installed treatment plants capable of treating just 20% of the sewage estimated to be generated in the five major States that lie along the river. 
  • This is expected to increase to about 33% by 2024.


Vice President’s Speech (Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar):
  • On international relation: Under the overarching vision of SAGAR (Security and Growth for All in the Region), India is cooperating with multiple partners to ensure economic growth & security in the region while also tackling threats.


Supreme court (SC) on inheritance right: 
  • The Supreme Court in a three-judge bench recently held that a child born of a void or voidable marriage can inherit the parent’s share in a joint Hindu family property governed by the Mitakshara law. 
  • However, such a child would not be entitled to rights in or to the property of any other person in the family.
  • Mitakashara law of succession governing Hindu Undivided Families applies to the whole of India except West Bengal and Assam.


One nation, one election:  
  • Definition: Also known as ‘simultaneous election’, it refers to holding elections for the Lok Sabha and all state assemblies across India simultaneously, with voting presumably taking place around the same time.
  • Simultaneous elections for the state assemblies and the Lok Sabha were the norm in India till 1967. However, things changed when some legislative assemblies were dissolved prematurely in and after 1968.
Brain drain:
  • Definition: Brain drain refers to the emigration or outflow of highly skilled and educated individuals, typically from one country or region to another, where they seek better opportunities for career advancement, higher salaries, improved living conditions, or other personal and professional benefits. 
  • This phenomenon often results in the loss of talent, expertise, and intellectual capital from the source country, which can have economic, social, and developmental implications.


Quote on Conservation of Nature: Conservation is the state of harmony between men and land”. –  ALDO LEOPOLD
  • Meaning: The quote expresses the idea that conservation efforts aim to establish a balance or harmony between human activities and the natural environment, including the land. 
  • In other words, it suggests that conservation involves responsible and sustainable management of natural resources to ensure that human activities do not harm the land or disrupt the delicate ecosystems that exist within it.
Quote on Combining strength and wisdom – Qualities of leaders: “Strength and wisdom are not opposing values”. - BILL CLINTON
  • Meaning: The quote signifies that rather than opposing values, strength and wisdom can be seen as complementary attributes that, when integrated, can lead to a more well-rounded and fulfilling existence.
  • Strength: It can also encompass qualities like courage and leadership. Strength often involves taking action and pursuing goals.
  • Wisdom: It is associated with knowledge, experience, insight, and good judgment. It involves the ability to make sound decisions based on an understanding of complex situations and their potential consequences.