From troubled waters to calm seas:
  • Meaning: It conveys the idea of moving from a difficult or turbulent situation to a more peaceful and stable one. In this context, "troubled waters" represent a challenging or chaotic period in life, while "calm seas" symbolize a state of tranquility, peace, and stability.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - internal security (N-E states), pandemic (COVID), crisis like Russia-Ukraine war, protectionism in trade, challenges of large population, Etc.
Delicate balance between development and environmental conservation:
  • Meaning: It refers to the complex and challenging task of simultaneously promoting economic and societal development while safeguarding and preserving the natural environment.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Industry, development vs environment, Sustainable development, Inclusion of all, Forest conservation, Tribal areas (Forest Rights Act), 5th & 6th Schedules, Etc.
Forests as climate solution:
  • Meaning: This highlights the critical role that forests play in mitigating climate change and addressing its adverse effects. It signifies the recognition that forests, when managed and conserved properly, can have a significant positive impact on combating climate change.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Climate change, Forest conservation, Development vs sustainability, Sustainable development, Forest rights act, 5th and 6th schedule areas Etc.
India as a thought leader:
  • Meaning: This suggests that India is recognized as a country that actively shapes and influences global discussions, policies, and strategies in various areas, including politics, economics, technology, culture, and more.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions to refer – Digital India (Success of UPI, QR code), space technology, India as world leader of global south, Yoga and Soft policy Etc.


Successful example of Digital India:
  • A new PMMVY Portal (PMMVYsoft MIS) has been developed. This portal includes new features such as ‘facial authentication technology’ by UIDAI for proper verification of eligible beneficiaries.
  • It incorporates NPCI Verification of beneficiary bank accounts to ensure smooth fund transfers through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT).
  • Furthermore, it introduces a paperless online registration system for beneficiaries and Anganwadi/ASHA workers to register directly through the portal.


India’s dependence on Qatar for natural gas:
  • LNG imports: It makes up almost 50% of overall Indian imports (by value) from Qatar.
  • Total trade (Trade deficit): India’s total imports from Qatar in FY2022-23 were valued at $16.81 billion, on the other hand, India’s exports to Qatar were valued at just $1.97 billion in FY2022-23.
  • India aim of natural gas: To increase the share of natural gas in the primary energy mix to 15% by 2030 from a little more than 6% at present.


President’s speech:
  • On conservation vs development: There is a need to strike a delicate balance between development and conservation, ensuring that our forests continue to thrive while meeting the development requirements of our citizens. 
  • On international collaboration: “One country can not find a solution. There will have to be convergence of countries on a war footing to find a solution.”
  • On forests: Our forests are not merely a resource but also encompass the cultural, spiritual and intellectual heritage of the country.


Model code of conduct:
  • Definition: The model code of conduct is a set of rules prescribed by the election commission of India to ensure free and fair electoral process. This set of norms has been evolved with the consensus of political parties who have consented to abide by the principles embodied in the said code in its letter and spirit.
  • Definition: Cyber security refers to every aspect of protecting an organization and its employees and assets against cyber threats. It refers to any technology, measure or practice for preventing cyberattacks or mitigating their impact.


Quote on idea of seeing the broader perspective: We all know that art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth”. – PABLO PICASSO
  • Meaning: The quote conveys:
  • "We all know that art is not truth": This acknowledges that art does not necessarily depict reality or facts in a literal or documentary sense.
  • "Art is a lie": It describes art as a lie which refer to something deceitful or dishonest. Instead, it suggests that art involves a form of creative distortion or alteration of reality.
  • "That makes us realize the truth": Despite the artistic "lie" or creative departure from reality, art has the profound ability to reveal deeper truths and insights about the human experience, emotions, society, and the world.