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Identify small grass-roots partners:

  • Meaning: This keyword suggests for importance of grass-roots citizens and organizations and their collaboration in various levels of programme formulation and implementation. 
  • Grassroots organizations are typically community-based, locally-led initiatives that work to address specific issues and create positive change at the local level.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Grassroot democracy, PPP models, CSR model and its implementation, foot-soldiers, Swachh Baharat etc.
Collective inability to collective responsibility/capacity: 
  • Meaning: It suggests a shift from recognizing a shared inability to addressing collective responsibility and building collective capacity. 
  • It emphasizes the importance of acknowledging limitations or challenges as a group while also emphasizing the need for collective action, collaboration, and growth.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Failure in terms of corruption, climate change and global warming, loss of biodiversity, disaster losses, democracy turning into authoritarianism, etc.
Promoting 3Ps + S (peace, partnership, prosperity and stability):
  • Meaning: It refers to a comprehensive approach to foster sustainable development and positive global outcomes. Each of these elements plays a significant role in creating a harmonious and prosperous world. 
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - international relations – Indian ocean region, India-Africa relations, India’s neighbourhood policy, Indo-pacific region etc.
Delayed Development is denied development: 
  • Meaning: It suggests that when development is delayed or hindered, it can effectively be denied or prevented altogether. 
  • It emphasizes the importance of timely and effective actions to promote development and the potential consequences of inaction or delays.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related Infrastructure creation (NIP, PM Gati Shakti), Urbanization, Smart Cities, Digitalization, Health, Education, SDGs, Disaster management, Technological Development, IR (India’s commitment for infrastructure creation) etc.

Scheme for skill development in Artificial Intelligence (AI):
  • Step taken: AI for India 2.0.
  • Ministry of Education and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship launched AI for India 2.0, a free online training programme on Artificial Intelligence.
  • It is a joint initiative of Skill India and GUVI, and IIT Madras accredited online programme will equip youth with frontier skills.
  • Significan


India-UAE trade relations:
  • India-UAE trade rose to more than $85 billion in 2022, making the UAE India’s third-largest trading partner for the year 2022-23 and India's second-largest export destination.
  • India is the UAE’s second largest trading partner.
  • In February 2022, India became the first country with which the UAE signed a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).
  • Bilateral trade has increased by approximately 15% since the entry into force of the CEP.

Prime Minister speech on Mission LiFE: 
  • Sustainable and environment-friendly behaviours of individuals, when counted on a mass scale, can be a significant contributor to global climate action. 
  • There is a need to recognize the importance of promoting awareness on sustainable lifestyles and nudging individuals towards adoption of environment-friendly choices and behaviors. 
  • In this regard, Mission LiFE being promoted by India is a significant step forward.


Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on need of equitable distribution of CSR:
  • RBI’s latest report on currency and finance recommends:
  • Suggestion: Mandatory geographic diversification of corporate social responsibility (CSR) spending.
  • Why needed? As of 2020-21, 10 states received 80 per cent of all CSR funding.
  • The concentration of funding in a few states suggests that companies still prefer to direct their CSR funding locally.
Supreme Court on Defamation Law:
  • Rama Narang versus Ramesh Narang & Ors. (1995): SC held that in certain situations the order of conviction in case of disqualification may be incurred instantly.

Net Zero Emission: 
  • Definition: Net zero emissions refers to achieving an overall balance between greenhouse gas emissions produced and greenhouse gas emissions taken out of the atmosphere.
Coral Bleaching:
  • Definition: When the ocean temperature gets too hot, the coral stresses out and expels the zooxanthellae algae which leads to corals lose their vibrant colors and turn white which is known as the coral bleaching.

Quote on Equality: “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal” - ARISTOTLE
  • Meaning: It highlights a perspective that emphasizes the importance of recognizing and respecting inherent differences among individuals or entities, suggesting that it is unjust or misguided to attempt to enforce absolute equality in situations where natural inequalities exist.
Quote on Disaster Management: “Floods are acts of God but flood losses are largely acts of man”. 
  • Meaning: It reflects the idea that while natural disasters like floods may be considered as acts of God or natural occurrences beyond human control, the extent of the damage and losses caused by these events can often be influenced or exacerbated by human actions or decisions.