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From Assemblers to Future Designers:
  • Meaning:
    • Conviction: It suggests a shift or progression from a role focused on basic assembly or manufacturing tasks to a more advanced position centered around designing and creating future products or systems.
  • Usage: It can be used in Manufacturing (technology, automation, Industry 4.0), Make in India, Semiconductor/IT/Electronics Industry, Atmanirbhar Bharat, R&D, Entrepreneurship.
Demolish Wall of ‘Us vs Them:
  • Meaning: It emphasizes the need to overcome the mindset of separation, hostility, and opposition that often arises when individuals or communities perceive themselves as part of one group ("us") and view others as outsiders or adversaries ("them").
  • Usage: It can be used in Casteism, communalism, hatred and mob vigilantism, migration, xenophobia (domestic & international), empathy, and cooperation.
Paper-pushing Bureaucracy to Proactive Bureaucracy:
  • Meaning:
    • Paper-pushing Bureaucracy: A system or organization that is excessively focused on administrative tasks, paperwork, and red tape rather than being efficient, innovative, or responsive.
    • Proactive Bureaucracy: It refers to taking control of a situation and making early changes, rather than adjusting to a situation or waiting for something to happen.
  • Usage: Civil services reforms, Good governance, Citizens participation, executive, legislature & Judiciary, Inclusive development etc.
Digital-first mindset/strategy:
  • Meaning: It is essentially a mindset that drives digital transformation and innovation in a way that relies on technological solutions.
  • Usage: Health, Education, Agriculture, Skill Development, Technology, Digital Divide, e-governance, transparency & accountability of institutions etc.
    • Example: Online Education provides a great example of how people’s experience is migrating from the physical world to the digital one.

Example of ethics in public duty/integrity:
  • Commitment towards public duty:
  • Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida sacked his eldest son as aide amid public outcry over the latter’s use of the leader’s official residence for a private party.
  • Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern left the chair for her family responsibilities. 
Outreach programme to engage youth and civil society of Ladakh:
  • Indian Navy is conducting “Julley Ladakh” (Hello Ladakh), an outreach programme to Ladakh to increase awareness about the service in the pristine state and to engage with youth and civil society there. 
  • On similar lines: The Indian army, under its flagship welfare programme – Operation Sadbhavna- has been making efforts to bring the state into the mainstream of India’s growth trajectory.
Right to information: Providing real time data related to judiciary:
  • Electronic signage systems known as Justice Clocks have been installed across the court complexes of High Courts.
  • Aim: The initiative will inform stakeholders about court-related key parameters: Disposal rates, services offered by court, various schemes etc.


Climate change and gender:
  • As per the UN report in 2018: 80% of those displaced due to climate change have been women.
India’s Manufacturing Sector:
  • GDP contribution: 5% (2003-04) increased to above 18% (2017-18).
  • Impact of demonetization and GST: GDP share declined to around 17% (2019-20).
  • Recovery after pandemic: More than 17.5% in 2022-23.
  • Employment: Added just 3 million workers between 2011-12 and 2021-22.

SC on Women Modesty:
  • The IPC does not define what constitutes an “outrage” to a woman’s modesty.
  • However, the Supreme Court in Ramkripal vs. State of Madhya Pradesh said that the “essence of a woman’s modesty is her sex”.
  • The Justice JS Verma Committee: Recommended that stalking be made a non-bailable offence with one to three years in jail as punishment.
R. Ambedkar on Uniform Civil Code (UCC):
  • R. Ambedkar viewed UCC as desirable, but favored it being voluntary.
  • It is possible that a uniform civil code may be adopted without offending any religion, but the concept evokes fear among sections of the minorities that their religious beliefs, seen as the source of their personal laws, may be undermined.

    • Definition: A cyclone is a large-scale system of air that rotates around the centre of a low-pressure area.
      • It is usually accompanied by violent storms and bad weather.
      • A cyclone is characterized by inward spiraling winds that rotate anticlockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.
    • The conditions favourable for the formation cyclone:
      • Large sea surface with temperature higher than 27° C; 
      • Presence of the Coriolis force; 
      • Small variations in the vertical wind speed; 
      • A pre-existing weak-low-pressure area or low-level-cyclonic circulation; 
      • Upper divergence above the sea level system.
    Stem Cells:
    • Definition: They are special human cells also called as “undifferentiated cells” that are able to develop into many different cell types. This can range from muscle cells to brain cells.
    • Usages: Application in regenerative medicine ie. Generate healthy cells to replace cells affected by disease
    • Undifferentiated cells:They refer to a cell that has yet to develop into a particular cell variant. 
    • Human body develops from a single cell called a zygote. The zygote is an undifferentiated cell.

    Quote on Wisdom: Wisdom is a weapon to ward off destruction. It is an inner fortress that enemies cannot destroy”.   -   Tirukkural
    • Meaning: It expresses the idea that wisdom serves as a powerful defense against harm or damage. It suggests that possessing wisdom provides a form of protection and resilience that external forces cannot easily overcome.
    Quote on Motivation: “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose.” - LYNDON B. JOHNSON
    • Meaning: People are often stuck with their past. For this reason, they miss out a lot on the present and eventually miss out on making their future good too.
      • Life is a place where we have to keep moving on. Taking the next step is essential at all times.