Create more trust, less suspicion:
  • Meaning: The quote encourages building stronger relationships and fostering a sense of openness and understanding. 
  • It suggests that individuals or groups should focus on cultivating trust and reducing unwarranted doubts or skepticism in their interactions.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to: Constitutional and statutory bodies – ECI, CAG, PRIs, CIC etc., Executive, legislature and judiciary, good governance and civil services reforms, multilateral institutions and initiatives – UN, Paris agreement etc.
Breaking the binaries of men and women: 
  • Meaning: It refers to challenging and transcending traditional and rigid notions of gender roles and identities that categorize individuals strictly as either male or female. 
  • This concept recognizes that gender is not a fixed or binary construct, but rather a complex and diverse spectrum that encompasses a range of identities and expressions.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to - gender justice and gender inclusion, LGBTQI+, societal attitude and patriarchy, homosexuality and same sex marriage etc.
Shining symbol of democracy:
  • Meaning: It refers to a prominent and inspiring representation of democratic values, principles, and practices. 
  • This symbol often embodies the ideals of freedom, participation, transparency, accountability, and equal representation that are fundamental to democratic systems of governance.
  • Usage: It can be used to signify the importance of:
  • Free and fair election, Election commission of India (ECI), CAG, PRIs (73rd and 74th AA), freedom of speech and media, participatory governance, good governance, etc.
Balancing environmental concerns with development: 
  • Meaning: It signifies finding ways to promote economic growth and improve living standards while minimizing negative impacts on the environment. 
  • It means that it is necessary to strive for sustainable development to meet the needs of the present generation and conserve them for the future generation.
  • Usage: It can be used in questions related to – Smart city, Planning, Mobilization of Resources, Growth, Development and Employment, SDGs, Infrastructure Development, Conservation, Environmental Pollution and Degradation, Environmental Impact Assessment, Disaster and Disaster Management, etc.

Sensitizing health workers to transgender community:
  • Research: A group of researchers has found that interventions among and sensitizing healthcare providers like doctors, nurses and paramedical staff can improve positive attitudes, comfort level and understanding among transgenders and can reduce attached stigma and discrimination.
Step to fight urban flooding:
  • Case: China.
  • Step Taken: China has created “sponge cities”. The initiative was launched to boost flood resilience in major cities and to make better use of rainwater through architectural, engineering, and infrastructural tweaks.
  • Those solutions included the use of permeable asphalt, the construction of canals and ponds, and the restoration of wetlands, which would ease water logging.

Education and Language:
  • UNESCO data shows that up to 40% of the global population is taught in a language other than their mother tongue, which leads to learning setbacks and social inequalities.
  • According to a research, education in a language that is different from the mother tongue can decrease literacy rates by 18% and rates of college graduation by 20%. 
PM-JAY and Challenges:
  • According to CAG report (Based on 2018-2022 study):
  • More than 7 lakh beneficiaries were linked with a single cellphone number.
  • There are other problems with names and even age – some beneficiaries are apparently born in the 19th century.
  • GOI said that the average cost per episode of hospitalization in 2022-23 was less than ?14,000, which is not even 3% of the overall cover of ?5 lakh/family. It’s out of sync with general inflation in medical costs. 
  • Empaneled hospitals: Hospitals are unevenly spread, which means poorer states are inadequately covered. For example, Bihar has a population that exceeds TN by almost 50 million but has less than half the latter’s empaneled hospitals. 

Prime Minister’s Speech: 
  • Parliament is not a platform for a Party. Parliament is the revered highest body for the country.
  • “The India of today does not crumble under pressure. The India of today does not bend, does not tire and does not stop”.

UNESCO recommendations on importance of mother tongue: 
  • Global Education Monitoring Reports (UNESCO): It has consistently advocated for education in the mother tongue since 1953. 
  • In its 2016 report, UNESCO reiterated the message: “To be taught in a language other than one’s own has a negative effect on learning, especially for children from poor families.” 
  • The report recommended that “at least six years of mother tongue instruction is needed to reduce learning gaps for minority language speakers.” 
SC Judgment on EC appointment:
  • On election process of Election commission: A five-judge bench led by Justice K M Joseph of the Supreme Court (SC) unanimously ruled that the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and the Election Commissioners shall be made by the President on the advice of a Committee consisting of the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition of the Lok Sabha and Chief Justice of India (CJI).

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) & Emotional Quotient (EQ) :  
  • Definition: IQ: It represent a person’s intelligence level and measures cognitive abilities including reasoning, information processing and memory. IQ measurements demonstrate how you use information or logic skills to solve problems and predict outcomes.
  • EQ: It is defined as an individual's ability to identify, evaluate, control, and express emotions. People with high EQ usually make great leaders and team players because of their ability to understand, empathize, and connect with the people around them.
Deflation and Disinflation:
  • Definition: Deflation is the economic term used to describe the drop in prices for goods and services. It slows down economic growth. It normally takes place during times of economic uncertainty when the demand for goods and services is lower, along with higher levels of unemployment.
  • Disinflation: It refers to a temporary slowdown in the degree of inflation.

Quote on Health: Health is the greatest possession”. - LAO TZU
  • Meaning: The quote emphasizes the importance of good health in a person's life. 
  • It suggests that being healthy is invaluable and should be highly valued above other material possessions or achievements. 
  • This sentiment underscores the idea that without good health, other aspects of life, such as wealth, success, or personal accomplishments, may lose their significance.
Quote on Wisdom and Observation: “The value of experience is not in seeing much, but in seeing wisely”. - William Osler
  • Meaning: The quote suggests that the true worth of life experiences lies not merely in accumulating a large number of them, but in gaining insight, understanding, and wisdom from those experiences. 
  • It emphasizes the quality of observation and reflection over sheer quantity and contribute to personal development, decision-making, and a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.
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