Ethics Enrichment Program 2024

Ethics Enrichment Program : KEY DELIVERABLES

1. 15 Comprehensive Classes Covering Entire Ethics Concepts, Theories, Major Philosophies & Quote Based Questions

2. 4-5 Dedicated Case Studies Sessions covering Decision Making Themes, Real life scenarios & Important PYQs 

3. Special Value Enrichment Material with Ready to use Micro-diagrams, Keywords Specific Definitions, Multidimensional Examples, etc

4. Innovative Pedagogy & Personal Handholding with Faculty to build Conceptual Clarity & Ethical Stimulation.

5. Elaborate PYQs Coverage based on major Ethical arguments & Subject matter 

6. Rigorous Assessment via
• 2 Mini Tests-Section (A)
• 2 Mini Tests-Section (B)
• 1 Full Length Test

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