Medieval Indian History

Medieval Indian History


Designed for aspirants who are ENTIRELY NEW to Medieval India or who have prepared, but UNABLE TO RETAIN OR RECALL important facts.

  • 8-10 Sessions
  • Focused, precise & complete coverage, in the most SIMPLIFIED manner
  • Revision via 25-30 Practice MCQs, EACH DAY 
  • Techniques of Elimination and Educated guess to score more!


This short & highly effective course equips you to Master Medieval Indian History in just 8-10 days and provides a systematic revision regime through 25-30 Practice MCQs EVERY DAY. 

Why Study Medieval India History?

  • On an average, 3-4 questions asked in UPSC-CSE on Medieval India every year, since last 5 years.
  • 5 questions asked in CSE 2019 prelims, equivalent to 10 marks!
  • A very important component of Art & Culture Preparation for Prelims.
  • Opportunity to Maximise Marks Where Others Don’t – Aspirants’ tendency to skip Medieval India may give a lead of 4-6 marks to others who have prepared.
  • Complete coverage of syllabus possible in a relatively short time (8-10 days). From there on, it’s only about Revision, Revision, Revision!

Who Should Attend?

  • All those aspirants who want to gain a focused & precise preparation strategy and optimum coverage of Medieval India, for Prelims, in the most simplified manner.
  • Those who have prepared Medieval India but are unable to retain or recall important facts.


Course Deliverables

  • Comprehensive coverage – Entire Medieval India syllabus in just 8-10 days.
  • Retention through Revision- 25-30 Practice MCQs EACH DAY (End of every topic).
  • Secure ‘Competitive Edge’- Techniques of elimination and educated guess, to Maximise marks even out of seemingly difficult questions.
  • Techniques For Score Maximization- Same (PPT Driven Classes, Clear Focus on Concept Building & Memorizing Key Facts, Revision Tests, etc.)

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