QEP Advanced


  • Target 450+ IN GS & 140+ IN ESSAY with QEP by MK Yadav.
  • QEP develops an “Answer Enrichment Technology” that aims to equip you with RIGHT Strategy, Approach and Answer Writing Technique so that you can “Think Fast, Write Faster, & Work Smarter” in limited time.
  • Get all the Tools & Techniques which a topper uses. Our QEP program takes care of all the pain points most aspirants go through in Mains Preparation.     

 PAIN POINTS : Issues Aspirants Face In Mains Preparation  
Classic Dilemma
Most aspirants struggle to prioritize between Syllabus Coverage & Content Enrichment, the Topper balances BOTH. 
Unstructured Answer Writing
Despite good knowledge, many suffer from difficulty to think & write quickly, with proper answer structuring, while Topper structures it with an Impactful Intro-Body-Conclusion, well within the limited time.
Filtering out Needless
While most students tend to drown in the ocean of information, the Topper Identifies, Interlinks & Strategically Presents ONLY relevant Content/Facts/Keywords

Huge Gap in Essay Marks
Large sections of aspirants are unable to bring out varied dimensions, relevant facts, sub headings etc. for predictable Essay themes, whereas Topper GENERATES DIMENSIONS out of already studied Theme wise content.

Scattered Sources
 Aspirants tend to overspend time on Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, Govt. Reports, Committees etc., but unable to extract relevant information whereas Topper focuses on the Breadth & Depth of the Topic, from well Compiled Notes.   

QEP ADVANCED (10 THEMES) is Designed for

  • Aspirants who have givenat least 1 Mains and are chronically stuck at 80-90 marks in GS Papers.
  • Selected Candidates who aim for Rank Improvement.   

Course Deliverables

Holistic Coverage
Comprehensively covers 10 THEMES which once learnt, can be easily replicated to ALL PAPERS (GS I, II, III, IV, Essay, Optional) to enhance your score by at least 100+ Marks.

High Impact Answers              
Practice using (at the end of every theme) Mindmaps, Diagrams, relevant Fact & Figures, important Keywords & Quick recall Acronyms (to remember important dimensions and way forward).

3 Tiered Case Studies
Learn Local, National & International best practices, for each theme, Prepared by Selected IAS Students, to keep an element of uniqueness in your answers.

Weekly Enrichment Dose
Topic wise Keywords via Video Discussions, Editorial Summaries from 7 Newspapers, Theme wise Mindmaps of RSTV & AIR, Fact Dose & key Definitions for writing Introduction.

Yojana Through Mindmaps               
Get the best of 23 Months (Oct 19 - Aug 21) Yojana magazine, through Mindmaps.

In Class Answer Writing Practice               
Practise writing one answer per session with in-class discussion via Toppers' sample answers.