History Optional - QEP Ancient 2021


Enhance your score with 100+ marks in history optional

Strategic coverage of the entire syllabus with notes.

Enrichment of the most relevant topics with crisp handouts.

Topper who cracked BPSC in 2018-19

AIR - 1

Topper who got DANICS in CSE 2019

AIR - 776

Features & Benefits

  • Lack of awareness regarding the most important themes for exam
  • Lack of understanding the demand of history optional
  • Multiplicity of sources and lack of quality content
  • Unable to integrate maps, charts etc in answer writing
  • 5 core lectures covering entire ancient sections of History Optional
  • Segregated thematic crisp notes on debates, sources, movements, revolutions, historian views, and other isolated topics
  • Application of historians views, statements to enrich introduction, body and conclusion
  • Pre-recorded answer writing sessions
  • Available online
  • Crisp Handouts available
  • Interactive lectures
  • Handholding by Vikas Ahlawat Sir