GS Mains Test Series Module A


Module A – 16 Practice Tests + Model Answers + Class Discussions + Value Add Material (More details ahead) + Personalised Face to Face Evaluation of all Tests by the Faculty.

Face to Face Evaluation & Discussion (50 Seats)

  • After writing the test, for personalized evaluation, the student can book a slot of 30 minutes with the faculty (MK Yadav Sir & Peeyush Sir), wherein few questions from every test will be evaluated in front of her/him (This in addition to Answer evaluation Comments/Feedback by our experienced team of expert evaluators).
  • This allows the student to discuss her/his strengths and weaknesses, based on feedback provided by the faculty.
  • It will help in internalization of inputs, knowing rationale for low/high marks in any particular question.
  • Based on assessment, the students would be suggested scope & means of improvement!
  • It is highly recommended for those who are chronically stuck at Mains stage/ not seeing much improvement in their Mains marks.
  • Face to Face Evaluation through Google Meet/Offline depending on the government`s regulations.

Course Deliverables  

  • Designed to Ensure 3 Rounds of Revision! - 16 Practice Tests, 8 Sectional (1st Revision Round) + 8 Full Length Tests (2nd & 3rd Revision Round).
  • Special emphasis on the Current Affairs – 40-45% Current Affairs Topic Weightage in each Mock Test, along with 55-60% Conventional topics.
  • Strictly based on UPSC-CSE’s Current Pattern - Questions would test candidate’s lateral thinking and multidisciplinary approach, apart from the factual knowledge.
  • High Impact Model answers - That includes Approach (Framework) to the answer and detailed explanation covering all the dimensions, to ensure optimum content enrichment.
  • Classroom discussion of the Tests by the Faculties.
  • Flexible schedule - Aspirants can reschedule (postpone only) the Tests as per their flexibility.
  • Time bound Evaluation of the Answers – We promise to deliver evaluated answer sheets within 7 working days, if the Test is taken on the same day as the Scheduled Date.

    Value Added Material for Content Enrichment

    1. Access any 2 Themes of Your Choice from our Flagship course Quality Enrichment Programme (QEP 2021) by MK Yadav Sir (Sessions + Handouts) (CLICK HERE FOR QEP PROGRAM DETAILS)
    2. Toppers' Answers booklet (2018 & 2019 Toppers)
    3. Access to Yojana Discussion Sessions & Mindmaps based handouts – By MK Yadav Sir & Team
    4. 25 Most Important Editorials Monthly Magazine (October 2020 Edition onwards) – get Keywords, Mindmaps, and Fact dose for answer enrichment.
    5. Economic Survey 2020-21 + Union Budget 2021-22 Sessions by MK Yadav Sir
    6. Compilation of Most important Government Schemes (Ministry Wise)