Geo Opt. Mapping Advanced Program 22


Interactive digitalized and Smart Mapping Sessions for enhanced understanding

PYQ map entries from 2006 onwards along with small write-up.

9 Thematic maps- relevant to current affairs.

Top Rank in CSE '21

AIR - 1 - Shruti Sharma

Top Rank in CSE '21

AIR - 6 - Yaksh Choudhary

Features & Benefits

  • Mapping entries are taught factually without integration into relevant theme.
  • Content & context of mapping entries is missing.
  • Key facts/points that fetch you marks in mains are missing.
  • Integration of maps into answers- both geography optional & GS.
  • PYQ theme wise with write up.
  • 9 thematic maps related to current affairs.
  • Learn Integration of mapping with answers.
  • Comprehensive, lucid and updated handouts.
  • Highly Relevant for Mains 2022/2023
  • Available Offline & online
  • Only mapping program delivering PYQ theme/ topic wise.
  • Expected mapping entries for 2022 mains.