Environment & Climate Change 2021


Salient Features of Envt. & Climate Change

Number of Sessions : 20 (40 hours)
Comprehensive Study Material
Regular Assessments  (daily, weekly,monthly)

UPSC Relevance

  • Prelims : General issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity & climate change.
  • Mains : General Studies III : Bio diversity, Environment

Syllabus Covered

Understanding Ecology, its terminology & Biogeochemical Cycles, Ecosystem, its structure & Functioning, Ecological Adaptations & interactions, Terrestrial & Aquatic Ecosystems & Biomes in India & World. 

Biodiversity,Issues & Its Conservation
Biodiversity, its terminology & floral and faunal diversity in India, Threats to biodiversity, Red List & Conservation methods, Conservation efforts, Legislations & rules and regulations in India, National & International Initiatives and Institutions for Wildlife & Biodiversity.

Pollution, Climate And Its Dynamics
Pollution, its types & Control,  GHGs, Global Warming & Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, Coral Bleaching & Ozone Depletion, Global Warming & Climate change Governance in India & World.

Agriculture, Energy, Sustainable Development & India
Concept of Sustainable Development, SDGs & Environmental Impact Assessment in India, Energy Security, Renewable Energy & Environment, Food Security, Agriculture & Climate Change.